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PRODUCT : Containing Azadirachtin from (Azadirachta indica).

TRADE NAME : Neemarin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Azadirachtin alongwith triterpenoids and limenoids.

FORMULATION : EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate) formulation - 300 PPM, 1500 PPM, 3000 PPM, 10000 PPM, 30000 PPM and 50000 PPM

SPECTRUM : Excellent broad spectrum control of Aphids, Jassids, White Files, Beetles, Caterpillars, Cutworms, Shoot and Fruit Borers including Bollworms etc. on Cotton, Paddy, Vegetables, Pulses, Oil seed Crops, Fruit trees, Sugarcane, Millets, and Tea and Plantations.

MODE OF ACTION : Neemarin acts on the insects through multiple actions as Repellent, Antifeedant, Insect Growth Regulator and Oviposition deterrent, Molting inhibitor.

DIRECTION FOR USE : Requisite amount of Neemarin is diluted in water depending on percent EC Formulation and sprayed in 1 Ha. at the time of hatching of eggs and appearance of young stages of insect pests. Repeat the spray after 7 - 10 days intervals depending on pest populations.

ECO-SAFETY : Extremely safe to mammals, human beings, non target organisms, pollinators, beneficial insects, fishes and birds, etc. Classified as Class – IV low hazardous (green label) pesticide.

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : One year, if stored in cool, dry and well ventilated rooms in original packings away from heat and open flame.

PACKING : EC : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1.0 ltr. and 5.0 ltrs. in HDPE bottles further packed in 10 ltrs. Cartons.