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PRODUCT : Containing Bacillus sphaericus Serotype H-5a, 5b, Strain B - 101

TRADE NAME : Sphericide

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : (a) Parasporal crystal containing Delta-endotoxin.

(b)Spores High active ingredient content (Potency above 800 IU/mg)

FORMULATION : WP (Wettable Powder)

SPECTRUM : Highly active against 1st / IInd / IIIrd instar larvae of various mosquito species e.g. Culex, Anopheles, Culisetta, Psorophora, Uranotaenia, Mansonia, vectors of Malaria, Filaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue fever and Nuisance mosquitoes. It is also active against Phlebotomus argentipes vector of Kala-Azar.

MODE OF ACTION : Sphericide acts on host larvae through its parasproal crystal delta endotoxin and bacterial spores, causing starvation, paralysis and septicemia of larval bodies ultimately resulting death of larval bodies.The endotoxin acts on midgut epithelium causing disintegration of gut wall, cessation of feeding activity, starvation and leakage of gut contents into haemolymph and body cavity of the larvae leading to general paralysis of larval body. The spores germinate to form bacterial cells that multiply in the larval gut and body causing septicemia. Surviving larvae , if any, because of consuming sublethal doses, lead to under developed / deformed pupae / adults unable to form the progenies.

DIRECTION FOR USE : Make homogenous thick paste of Sphericide in small quantity of water. Dilute the paste in desired volume of water under intermittent stirring. Spray @ 1.0 gm / sq.m. water surface as 1.0 % suspension, by knapsack or any other conventional sprayer at 2-6 weekly intervals.

ECO-SAFETY : Extremely safe to non-target species including mammals, human beings, parasites and predators of mosquito larvae, insects, hydrobionts, fishes, birds, CIB classification class IV, low hazardous (Green label) pesticides.

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : Minimum 2-3 years if stored in dark, well ventilated rooms in original package at temperatures upto 40 C.

PACKING : 500 gm. 1 kg. 5 kg. in trilaminated aluminium foil pouches packed in cartons.

FURTHER INFORMATIONS : Sphericide results in sharp and continuous decline of larval populations (90-100%) within 6-24 hrs. of application, in various habitats and ecologically different sites including drains, water streams. Sewerage tanks, water coolers, cooling towers, fountains, construction sites, industrial scraps, rice fields, septic tanks, ditches, pools and marshy ponds, etc. This results in decline of adult mosquitoes, slide positivity rates and parsitological indices. It causes kill of mosquito larvae even in highly polluted, muddy, marshy waters where its persistence continues for 4-8 weeks thus avoiding frequent application required in case of chemical larvicides . It is a product of choice for use against An. sundaicus, a malaria vector prevalent in marshy/saline waters in coastal / inland areas and against Culex quinquefasciatus, C. tritaeniorhynchus and C.vishnui, vectors of filaria and Japanese encephalitis prevalent in rice fields.