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PRODUCT : Containing hydrolyzed proteins, amino acids and trace minerals.

TRADE NAMES : Bioboost Granules.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Natural hydrolyzed proteins of vegetable origin and trace minerals-Mg, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Ca, B, N.

FORMULATION : GR (Bentonite Granules).

SPECTRUM : Bioboost Granules is chelated amino acid with essential trace minerals like Mg, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Ca, B, N. It is an eco-friendly organic nutrient granular formultaion containing natural hydrolyzed proteins of vegetable origin which provides excellent plant nutritions and growth promotion for Cotton, Oil seeds, Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruit and Plantation Crops.

MODE OF ACTION : Bioboost granules provide the plants balanced nutrition and growth enhancing activity. It improves crop yield and quality through balanced nutrition, availability of amino acids, enzymes, micronutrients, optimum metabolite formation, resulting in better germination of seeds and setts, strong and extensive root system, enhanced tolerance to stresses and diseases, better retention of flowers, increased yields and enhancement of the size, colour, flavour of the produce

DIRECTION FOR USE : Broadcast 5 kg. Granules in 1 acre field and mix through ploughing (Soil Incorporation).

ECO-SAFETY : It is biodegradable and extremely safe to mammals, human beings, non target organisms, pollinators, fishes, birds, plants etc.

SHELF-LIFE AND STORAGE : Bioboost granules provides best results if used within 5 years from the date of manufacture.

PACKING : 5 kg Bags

The schedule of application in various crops is as follows:
Paddy At transplanting/or 10-15 days after transplanting 55-60 days after transplanting
Wheat,other cereals 30-40 days after sowing 55-60 days after sowing
Vegetables At transplanting or 10-15 days after transplanting 30 days after planting
Groudnut, Mustard, Sunflower,Soyabean At planting time 30-35 days after 1st application
Opium, Potato, Ginger,
Turmeric and Onion
At planting time 40-50 days after planting
Sugarcane 30-50 days after sowing 80-90 days after sowing
Banana 40-60 days after sowing At flower initation/fruit formation
Tea Nursery stage,3-5 gm per plant Young plantations,10-20 gm per plant