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PRODUCT : Containing Bacillus thuringiensis var .israelensis, Serotype H-14, Strain 164.

TRADE NAME : Bacticide. DT

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : (a) Parasporal crystal containing Deltaendotoxin 2.5%.

(b) Spores : 5%

(c) Viable spores count : 3.0 x 1010 spores/gm

POTENCY : 2000 IU/mg

FORMULATION : DT (Water Dispersible Tablet)

SPECTRUM : Highly effective against feeding larval stages of various mosquito species e.g. Aedes, Culex, Anopheles, Culisetta, Psorophora, Uranotaenia, Mansonia, Simulium spp, Phlebotomus argentipes , vectors causing Malaria, Filaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikunguniya, Dengue, Nuisance mosquitoes, Onchocerciasis, kala-Azar etc.

MODE OF ACTION : Bacticide acts on host larvae through its parasporal crystal delta endotoxin and bacterial spores, causing starvation, paralysis and septicaemia of larval bodies ultimately resulting death of larval bodies.The endotoxin acts on midgut epithelium causing disintegration of gut wall, cessation of feeding activity, starvation and leakage of gut contents into haemolymph and body cavity of the larvae leading to general paralysis of larval body. The spores germinate to form bacterial cells that multiply in the larval gut body causing septicemia, leading to death of larvae. Surviving larvae if any, because of consuming sub-lethal doses,lead to under developed /deformed pupae unable to form the progenies.


Dosage : One tablet of 400mg per 10-50 Litres of water.

Put one tablet in prescribed area of water. Use of bactecide DT results into sharp and continous decline of lavel population (90 % -100 %) within 6 - 24 hours of application, in various habitats and ecologically different sites including sewerage tanks, water coolers, desert coolers, cooling towers, fountains, construction sites, industrial scraps, septic tanks, ditches etc. This results into decline of adult mosquitoes, Slite positive rates and Parasitological Indices.

ECO-SAFETY : Extremely safe to non-target species including mammals, human beings, parasites and predators of mosquito larvae, insects, hydrobionts, fishes, birds, flora fauna. A low hazardous (Green label) biolarvicide.

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : Minimum two (2) yrs. The product must be kept in its original properly labelled packing well sealed and stored in dry ventilated room at temperature not exceeding 45°C. Room should be well built, dry, well ventilated, well lit and of sufficient dimensions.

PACKING : 25 tablets of 400 mg packed in HDPE container of 10gm. 50 tablets of 400 mg packed in HDPE container of 20gm. 100 tablets of 400 mg packed in HDPE container of 40gm. 250 tablets of 400 mg packed in HDPE container of 100gm.