PRODUCT : Containing strain of Bacillus subtilis.

TRADE NAME : Biosubtilin and Rog Rakshak.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Cell Mass and Spores of Bacillus subtilis CFU count : 2 x 109/ml. min. or 2 x 109/gm. min.

FORMULATION : AS (Aqueous Suspension) and WP (Wettable Powder)

SPECTRUM : Highly active on root rot and stem rot caused by Schlerotinia, Macrophomia; wilt caused by Verticillum, Fusarium; ; leaf spot caused by Alternaria, Cercospora;  powdery mildew caused by Erysiphae; black scarf in potato caused by Rhizoctonia; downy mildew and many other bacterial and fungal diseases caused in various crops like Cotton, Pulses, Paddy, Groundnut, Fruits, Vegetables and Plantation crops.

MODE OF ACTION : Biosubtilin/Rog Rakshak bacteria produce a class of lipopeptide antibiotics including iturins. Iturins help Bacillus subtilis bacteria out-compete other microorganisms by either killing them or reducing their growth rate. Iturins also have direct fungicidal activity in pathogens. Bacillus subtilis products are made for many uses. For plant disease control, these include foliar application and products applied to the root zone, compost or seed. When applied directly to seeds, the bacteria colonize the developing root system, competing with disease organisms that attack root systems Biosubtilin/Rog Rakshak inhibits plant pathogen spore germination, disrupts germ tube growth, and interferes with the attachment of the pathogen to the plant. It is also reported to induce systemic acquired resistance (SAR) against bacterial pathogens.

SEED TREATMENT : Mix 5-10 ml. or gm. of Biosubtilin/Rog Rakshak in sufficient quantity of water for 1.0 kg. of seeds. Shade dry the seeds before sowing.

SEEDLING DIPPING: Mix 50-100 ml. or gm. of Biosubtilin/Rog Rakshak in 10-20 ltr. of water and dip the seedling roots for 30 minutes before transplanting.

SOIL APPLICATION : Mix 750-1000 ml. or 2-2.5 Kg. Biosubtilin/Rog Rakshak in 30-40 Kg of Farm Yard Manure (FYM). In absence of FYM, soil of the field can be used. And broadcast over 1.0 acre of field at the time of last ploughing or after 1st irrigation Instanding crops, give light irrigation after its application.

FOLIAR SPRAY : Mix 5-10 ml. or gm. of Biosubtilin/Rog Rakshak per litre of water and give foliar spray using high volume knapsack sprayer. Give 2-3 sprays at 7-10 days interval. Do not use Antibiotic and Copper Fungicide at least 15 days before and after its application.

AS :
250 ml, 500 ml, and 1.0 ltr. Bottles further packed in 10 ltrs. Cartons.

WP : 250 gm. 500 gm. and 1.0 kg. boxes further packed in 10 kg. Cartons.

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : One year, when stored in well ventilated rooms in original package at cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

ECO-SAFETY : Extreamely safe to mammals, human beings, animals, non target organisms, pollinators, fishes, birds etc. Classified as Class-IV, low hazardous (green label) pesticide. No phytotoxicity and exempted from residue analysis It can be used along with Biofertilizers.