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PRODUCT : Biolures containing Pheromone Lures for various species of insects.

TRADE NAME : Biolures.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Insect Pheromones.

SPECTRUM : Biolures are species specific as detailed below :-

BIOLURE-HA : Helicoverpa armigera

BIOLURE-SL : Spodoptera litura

BIOLURE-EV : Earias vittella

BIOLURE-EI : Earias insulana

BIOLURE-PG : Pectinophora gossypiella

BIOLURE-SI : Scirpophaga incertulas

BIOLURE-PX : Plutella xylostella

BIOLURE-LO : Leucinodes orbonalis

BIOLURE-DA : Dacus aorta (fruit fly)

MODE OF ACTION : Act as an attractant for target specific male moths.

PACKING : Packed individually in polythene lines aluminum pouches containing one lure each, further packed in cartons of 20 each.

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : Effective for 3-4 weeks under field conditions because of presence of antioxidants. Biolures packed in original pouches can be stored in a cool dry place preferably in a refrigerator for one year without loss of efficiency.

ECO-SAFETY : Safe for human beings, animals and beneficial insects.

DIRECTION FOR USE : One lure is to be used per trap for monitoring of the specific pest. Biolures are replaced in the traps after every 3 weeks and 3-4 lures per pheromone trap are required in a crop season starting from 30-40 days of crop age.