PRODUCT :Contaning strain ofTrichoderma viride.

TRADE NAME : Bioderma and Protector.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Spores of Trichoderma viride. CFU count min: 2 x 109/gm. min. or 2 x 109/ml. min.

FORMULATION : WP(Wettable Powder) and AS(Aqueous Suspension).

SPECTRUM : Highly active on root rots caused by Schlerotinia and Rhizoctonia, wilt caused by Fusarium and Verticillium and blights/ leaf spots caused by Alternaria, Ascochyta, Cercospora, Macrophomina, Myrothecium, Ramularia, Downy mildews and Powdery mildews, fungal diseases of Cotton, Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Oilseeds, Fruit and Floriculture.

MODE OF ACTION : Bioderma/Protector acts on the plant pathogens through competition for space and nutrients, parasitization, disintegration of pathogen hyphae by enzymes and antagonism by Trichoderma viride. Apart from this, Trichoderma viride. metabolites also stimulate seed germination, root and plant growth and early flower formation.

SEED TREATMENT : Mix 5-10 gm. or ml. of Bioderma/Protector is applied as a paste or slurry for 1.0 kg. of seed. Shade dry the seeds before sowing. Do not apply on seeds treated with chemical pesticides especially fungicides.

SEEDLING DIPPING : Mix 50-100 gm or ml. of Bioderma/Protector in 10-20 liters of water and dip the seedling roots for 30 minutes before transplanting.

SOIL APPLICATION : Mix 2.0-2.5 kg or 1-1.5 ltrs. of Bioderma/Protector in 30-40 kg. of Farm Yard Manure (FYM). In absence of FYM, soil of field can be used. Blend thoroughly and broadcast in 1 acre of land before the last ploughing or after first irrigation. In standing crop, give light irrigation after its application.

FOLIAR TREATMENT : Mix 5-10 gm or ml. of Bioderma/Protector per liter of water and give foliar spray using high volume knapsack sprayer. Give 2-3 spray at 7-10 days interval. Do not use chemical fungicide at least for 15 days before and after use of Bioderma/Protector

WP :
100 gm. 250 gm. 500 gm. and 1.0 kg. boxes which are further packed in 10 kg. Cartons.

AS : 250 ml. 500 ml. and 1 ltr. in bottles which are further packed in 10 ltrs. Cartons.

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : The Shelf life of product is one year when stored in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat in ventilated rooms.

ECO-SAFETY : Extremely safe to mammals, human beings, non target organisms, pollinators, fishes and birds etc. Classified as Class-IV, low hazardous (green label) pesticide. No phytotoxicity and exempted from residue analysis. It can be used along with Biofertilizers.